Certified, Licensed, Insured

Prior to attending a class, please click a class on the enroll page and enroll your dog.

Clever Paws’ address is 5688 N. Kercliffe Ct., Boise

Please park in the driveway and enter through the gate to the left of the driveway.

Once through the first gate the training room door is on your right.

Please keep in mind Clever Paws does not have a public restroom.
​Please let Clever Paws know if you have any mobility restrictions. There is a step-up and step-down into the Clever Paws training facility.

Please bring the following to each class:

•  Hungry dog

•  Variety of pea sized soft treats with kibble (1 to 2 cups).

•  Treat pouch (suggest Doggone Good pouch)

•  Regular collar

•  Mat for your dog

•  Harness if you have one (suggest Freedom or Ruffwear harness)

•  4 to 6 foot leash

•  Favorite toy or bone to keep your dog busy

Clever Paws Dog Training 

Rules of the Class

•  Please bring a dog in good health

•  Your dog should be vaccinated and flea free

•  Please potty your dog in the designated area

•  Please clean-up after your dog

•  Please be respectful of other dogs space

•  Please do not let your dog linger by the gate

•  Children under 12 may attend with supervision

​•  Prior to bringing your dog into the training class please bring your items in and set-up.

where & what to bring