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Clever Paws Dog Training 

Melanie R.: "Allison is amazing and exceptionally knowledgeable. She obviously loves what she is doing and is a wealth of information on all things doggy behavior. So far we have gone through Puppy Preschool and Manners 1. We will sign up for more. Highly recommended."

Melissa C.A.: "Allison is a miracle worker with dogs! My pup just graduated from the Puppy Manners class and not only has my fur baby learned a ton of good behaviors, Allison has provided us with tools that we can use for a lifetime and that will allow us to fully enjoy our well behaved pup!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Thank you Allison, from Melissa and Winston!"

Jessie M.: " Allison's class is really fun and informative. She goes the extra mile to try and meet your needs. I have seen an improvement in my pup's behavior, and he loves going to class!"

Tasha M.: "I would highly recommend Clever Paws to anyone looking for a professional trainer.   Allison’s first class services, advice, knowledge and professional training skills left nothing to be desired! She created an upbeat safe learning environment in which I and my dog thrived! She was willing to travel to work in the areas I wanted to train in, was willing to accommodate my unique needs and never failed to come up with creative ways of making me and my dog successful. Looking back to the beginning of our six week course, I am staggered by the leaps and bounds we have made in both of our level of competency; me in my training skills, and my dog in her trained behaviors. I would highly recommend Allison and Clever Paws to anyone looking for the services of a professional trainer!"

Kristin & Doug C.: "Clever Paws was the perfect solution for learning how to train our puppy. The instruction was great and we had fun!"

Julie M.: are a dog lover and want your pet to bond with you, learn commands that can save their life and make life more comfortable and fun for both of you, I highly recommend Clever Paws Clicker Training, most especially our Clever Paws Trainer Allison Ashey! We loved and looked forward to all of our classes and learned so much and got the tools we needed to keep on learning after class. I learned how smart my dog really is and together we learned how to make living together more fun, safe and comfortable. I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

Julie D. "Loved Alison's training techniques and loved that she was so attentive, available and answered every question we had."

 Brandon A.: "Our dogs used to rush out the door; thanks to Clever Paws our dogs have excellent self control and wait at the door to be let out."

Alex H.: "We appreciated the tailored focus – addressing our particular concerns rather than a generic approach.

Clever Paws Question: What did you Like?

All of it! We really needed someone to work with us in our home and see our dogs in their daily environment in order to understand their dynamic, challenges etc. We have seen a big difference in our dogs even after 5 sessions. They are more confident and so are we. That in itself makes a big difference to our everyday interactions with the dogs and reduces some of the stress we were feeling. We didn’t feel we had tools to lead our dogs – or the confidence - and now we do."

Tracy M.: "Allison was a lifesaver with our Aussie, Fenway! She taught us (and our children) how to effectively train our very energetic dog. She is a fountain of knowledge, always quick to give us suggestions for dealing with a variety of behaviors. We will be recommending her services to friends and neighbors."

Jane B.: "Our little Jack Russell dog is 8 yr's old.  We have had so many years of fun watching Hannah grow and "outsmart" us at times.  She knows many tricks and has a remarkable vocabulary, she listens to us and we sometimes need to use code words that she has not picked up on.  She really is smart and a quick learner in many ways.  My husband loves her but does not spend  time walking Hannah.  
I have 3 problems I have not been able to solve with Hannah.  I just have never learned how to teach her, not to be scared over loud truck and bus noises, they make her want to bolt, when we are out walking.  Other little dogs, she goes nuts over, they antagonize each other.  We walk each day but I get so frustrated because I have not been able to train her to walk without pulling me.  People have teased me that Hannah is taking me for a walk.
I was lucky to talk to a very nice gal, Allison Ashey, she owns Clever Paws in North Bend and discussing these 3 problems I have with Hannah.  I am so happy to say after talking with her, she has taught me a remarkable way to train my little Hannah with a kind and positive way and it works!
I am so pleased over the changes.  I told Allison of several falls I have had over Hannah and she understood and has been so patient with showing me this easy and positive way to make waking Hannah safe for us both and much more enjoyable.  
Allison has a kind personality and she loves dogs and is anxious to help dog owners with her positive training technique.
Thank you Allison for you patience with me to learn to train my little Hannah, we both are enjoying our walking."

Lynn & Brad W.: "We enjoyed working with Allison. Our puppy loves her! We have seen tremendous progress!"

Ellen P.: "When I first rescued Cybil, she was intelligent but insecure, had no manners and had been recently abandoned by her original owners. She had difficulty adjusting to life in my home with our senior Great Dane, Ghostie, and we knew we needed help to integrate her effectively into our home. She was a wonderful dog, she just needed to be given a chance at happiness and some serious confidence building behavior modification. I found EXACTLY what I wanted and what Cybil needed at Clever Paws Training! Within a two week period, Cybil went from snapping at her new brothers' face unprovoked, to cuddling with her new spotty friend and wanting to learn to trust. After this training session, I just knew she would benefit from additional positive reinforcement training with Clever Paws in their basic obedience course. The course was easy to follow at home and I loved being able to have Allison come to us so Cybil could initially learn in her own environment. She would become so excited when she knew Allison was coming over to teach her! It became just one more thing for her to look forward to every week. I highly recommend Clever Paws training for anyone who wants to build confidence and strengthen the bond between themselves and their dog! Not only did Cybil learn the basic behaviors I wanted her to know, she and I communicated in a new and wonderful way and became closer than ever. She's also so much more loving and caring with her brother, Ghostie, and they're practically inseparable. Thank you Allison and Clever Paws for giving SO much more than the tools to teach my dog!! She's a happier more confident baby girl and I owe it all to you!!!"

what Clever Paws' clients said....

Alan G.: "Allison is very accommodating and willing to change course in order to work on problem areas."